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For those who do not wish to contribute their income and property to the government, there is an impressive array of strategies for creating and preserving wealth outside the purview of income, estate, and gift taxation.

Businesses, farms, or individuals, concerned about protecting their incomes and estates from the ravages of taxation and inflation want more than a sympathetic nod. . .

They want ideas.

Our Firm's Philosophy

We believe that professional service with the highest degree of personal integrity and depth of knowledge are essential attributes for any organization whose purpose is to help individuals and businesses translate their goals and objectives into meaningful programs.

As our client, you deserve nothing less.

Our Firm Today

Corporate & Estate Analysts has pioneered a tax planning concept based upon practical and aggressive ideas designed to aid clients in the avoidance of income and estate tax planning pitfalls, rather than instituting the traditional "corrective" measures often implemented by various other professional groups.

The firm presently serves individual and corporate clients throughout the Southeast, rendering financial advisory services in the areas of personal income, estate and gift tax planning, as well as corporate benefit systes, stock retirement plans, and charitable giving alternatives.

If you are concerned about preserving your hard-earned wealth and ensuring the maximum benefit to your estate and your loved ones, please contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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Richard R. Thomas